We Make
Delicious, Fresh Food
Fast and Easy.

SaladStyle has one mission: make fresh food.  We use simple, fresh ingredients that taste amazing.  And that’s it.  No additives, chemicals – just good natural food.  Visit our location in downtown San Diego.


We live in a modern age, where the average person is now taking note of where their food comes from, how it’s prepared, and the impact that their choices make.  Organic choices are now available at every turn.  We could talk all about our beliefs in local, organic and sustainable foods.  But the fact is, we’ve always been this way.  It’s second nature to us, that we only choose ingredients that are totally natural, fresh and that are not harming the environment to get on your plate.

“We are Passionate
about Fresh Food”

Chef/Proprietors, Maryjo Testa and Scott Thomas, work hard to bring local, organic and sustainable food fresh from the garden to their guests. Their team of culinary wizards creatively and artistically combine these fresh, succulent ingredients into healthy, energizing, mouth-watering masterpieces. After one visit, it’s easy to see why ‘Salad Style’ has been a San Diego favorite for over a decade.